Sunday, 21 August 2016


Shetland offers many attractions including Puffin Poo which is collected fresh from the cliffs- well that's the moto. This is actually Shetland fudge which makes a great present as well as a talking point.

You could add Shetland Soaps, Shetland knitwear, Shetland beer or Gin and now Shetland Whisky. Never mine the vast array of  Shetland art , books and crafts but equally important are the memories of the people, music, food,  wildlife , landscapes, wide open skies and not forgetting the weather.

I keep having to be reminded that we are not on 2 weeks holiday so we don't have to do everything now. Shetland really has too many things to see so its really impossible to get round places even if you come here on holiday every year.

It is great to visit places time and time again, especially during the different seasons, the light changes the landscape so much and reveals things that previously you missed.

Some good news if you are travelling up on holiday, the government have frozen ferry fares for the second year. However they are still working on cutting the cost before the new ferry contact is awarded in April 2018.

We should also see new ferries which should be more storm resistant that the current two. This should have been done along time ago, the western isles ferry service saw a 50% cut in fares.

We have been out west to visit a number of interesting places. First off to West Burrafirth which is an isolated place and would have been difficult to get to on the old roads, now it's a simple run passed some great scenery

You can catch the ferry to Papa Stour from here but at other times it is a very quiet place with plenty of interest. The wildlife in the area is interesting and we saw porpoise in the bay and lots of very confiding waders. (see

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