Sunday, 14 August 2016


We headed out to Vementry , a very peaceful area with outstanding views of the island at Vementry and beyond. The small cluster of houses near the pier is 3 miles north of Aith. On the way you will pass lochs which seem to be good for fishing judging by a couple of young and old fishermen standing with fishing rods dressed in green waterproofs and wellies.

The day we visited was warm and sunny so they would only be wearing this gear to satisfy any tourist wanting to take a photo

At the parking point you can walk down to the pier which is overlooked by a recovered  WW2 mine and usually some Shetland ponies, which on this visit included two foals. Here you can take the boat over to the island if you arrange in advance.

If you manage to get onto the uninhabited island of Vementry you will come across a WW1 gun emplacements, burial cairns and ancient housesteads.

The island was last inhabited in the 1840's, and is now the largest uninhabited island in Shetland

The buildings at the carpark include WW2 Nissan huts and beyond a cottage which is available for hire. No doubt it will be excellent for otters and other wildlife.

It would be a good area to visit in stormy weather, it will take on a completely different feel and will provide excellent views of the aurora being so far away from the bright lights of Lerwick and Scalloway.

Back home its hard to imagine that we have now been in our house for two years. A few people have come and gone but we have been waiting 11 weeks for our new neighbours, its strange because council houses usually get taken up very quickly. Another house further up the road has been on sale since December  but due to the condition of the in and outside he will have to lower the price substantially if he is going to get a buyer.

Shetland has come in the top 10 places in the world to visit, coming in at number 6 according to the Wanderlust Travel Magazine

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