Sunday, 20 November 2016

Weather changes

After a superb October we have now moved into the depths of winter. Dark nights arrive earlier but doesn 't bother us as its an opportunity to get outside and see the Milky Way or the aurora (see more at

The winds usually pick up to Storm force , occasionally Hurricane force . Bonfire night was affected, so in Sandwick it took place last night, which was completely still and a clear night

                                                                                                   A Selfie

The temperature has dropped and for the last few days it's been a question of scrapping the ice off the car windscreen in the morning. You have to be careful where you go out at night as the gritters stop around teatime. One problem here is that there are ditches at both sides of the road to drain off excess water coming down the hill, this doesn't allow any leeway if you skid.

We have had our new all weather tyres fitted recently so will be better off than those that don't, we have seen too many cars sliding into other cars or off the road, so you need to be as safe as possible.

The cold weather has now tested our new heating system (Electic storage heaters) which is good, far better than the air - air heating which is only ok for Spring / summer use. Bills have started to rise, in Shetland we have around 40% fuel poverty.

Its a lot more expensive here than down in England, with little choice of alternative systems. you could try oil, but that is very expensive or solid fuel but you get to a point where you don't want the hassle of cleaning the fire out.

Gas which is cheaper is not an alternative as there is no mains supply. We have bottle gas for cooking so at least we can make a drink if we get a power cut, which is more likely in winter.

Power cuts are less frequent than in years before we moved up, but still occur, however the engineers are out in all weathers including gales to ensure we get reconnected quickly

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