Sunday, 11 December 2016

Brilliant winter days

The weather is still dominating the news with cancelled or delayed ferries and also last week a white van was blown off the road at Cunningsburgh, just 10 mins after i had passed the junction.

                                                                                         Fire starter at Scatness

                                                                           WW2 building Compass Head

In between we have had some great sunny days, still but very cold. Its at this time it just great to get out photographing. I took a group of photographers down to Scatness the other day and although it wasn't stormy enough for the photos we planned it was a good introduction in what to do when it blows.

The other day we ventured out to Burra in the late afternoon , it was very still and the first time we had managed to photograph Bridge End as the sun went down.

Everyone seems to like Shetland ponies and those in a close by field certainly wanted their photo taking, posing too close sometimes. With their long hair it was a surprise they could see where they were going.

Like everywhere in Shetland several people stopped to talk, its a very friendly place.

It seems everyone likes to see the Aurora or Mirrie Dancers as they are called in Shetland so i have set up a group facebook page (Shetland Aurora Hunter) please send me a request to join

As we move close to Christmas it seems it is a time for  numerous concerts, panto and music nights, we have never been out so much.

Much of our Christmas shopping is done online and we are thankful for Amazon especially as postage is free. Many Shetlanders head down to Aberdeen or further south to shop but it can be a bit rough on the ferry and you are never guaranteed getting back on time. We are looking forward to a visit from Father Christmas when he comes over Sandwick to wave to everyone from the coast guard helicopter on Christmas eve.

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