Saturday, 11 March 2017

SMUHA (Up Helly Aa)

Finally the weather held last night and we took the short journey over the hill towards Cunningsburgh to see the South Mainland Up Helly Aa (SMUHA)

It was interesting the see the squads process through the village from our vantage point in the lay-by just up the hill

I think it is always better to see the galley burnt on the sea and this took place at Mail beach

After the usual songs the torches started to be thrown into the galley

Most traffic i have seen since moving to Shetland. The cars held back until the procession moved onto the beach

The Galley launched into the sea

A few fireworks after the event

A good night and looking forward to next years Up Helly Aa's, it seems to have passed very quickly this year.

The facebook page Shetland Aurora Hunter is now doing well with over 700 members, please send me a request to join.

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