Monday, 10 April 2017


Shetland has a good mixture of the old and new, this is especially evident in Lerwick and Scalloway

 The above was new in October 2016 down near the pier in Lerwick, called `Da Lightsome Buoy' it is a celebration of the role the pelagic fishing industry plays in Shetland life.

In Lerwick old stair wells lead to interesting buildings

                                               How long ago did this building have windows?

Striking red doors 

This area was used for filming the recent BBC1 Shetland drama, good news that filming will start again next month. Just hope that Shetland has more coverage this time

                                                                            Lerwick behind bars

                                                              Signs of how windy it is  in Shetland

                                            Anderson High School due to move to new premises later this year

Spring has almost arrived in Shetland, with a mass of daffodils beside the road, Puffins back at Sumburgh in the last few days, Skylarks in full song and the temperature in double figures.

We attended a birthday party at Islesburgh  recently and met Peter & Sandra Manson. Peter had a multi coloured beard and hair and the other day did a sponsored head shave, they were both raising funds for two local charities. They hoped to raise £5000 but due to the generosity of the local people raised an amazing £22,000 - well done to all, it could only happen in Shetland

The wind farm band wagon rolls on the Garth Wind Farm in North Yell opened last week and aims to boost the  local economy. At the same time Peel energy announced that they might build 21 Turbines across Mossy Hill just to the north of Lerwick but this depends on whether they get the go ahead for the interconnector (now around £80 billion)- just hope this and others never go ahead.

It must be a good time to start think about boosting tourism. People are talking trying to attract people up to Shetland in winter and why not with several Up Helly Aa's to attend, numerous music events and of course an opportunity to see the Aurora. (see what its all about and send me a request to join Shetland Aurora Hunter on facebook) I am sure they come to see a wild place and would not see wind turbines as a tourist attraction.

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