Friday, 18 January 2013

Driving in Shetland is far more of a pleasure than driving in Sheffield, that's apart from the cost of fuel which is generally 20p per litre dearer. We came back from Diane's sisters the other night in the rush hour, it took 1 1/4 hours to travel 8 miles. When you also consider that the return journey (16 miles) had passed through 106 sets of traffic lights you can imagine the pleasure of driving along the quiet Shetland roads where you see little traffic and would only encounter a couple of lights within the whole island.

                                                       Sheffield rush hour

In addition the road surface in Shetland is vastly superior to that of Sheffield where you might encounter a  couple of hundred potholes on a short road, so we are looking forward to that side of things as well.
                                               The main road in Shetland near airport

Having settled on a solicitor we have just received the paperwork only to find we have to provide photo ID. Now that wouldn't have been a problem normally as we have a passport, but they ran out just before Christmas and not been able to apply for photo ID driving licence without a passport it looks as though we will have to apply for another passport. Typical as we have also found out the Northlink don't require any photo ID to board their ferries.

We have just finished painting various bits around the house and was hoping for a new kitchen floor to be fitted today, but we have just found out that the fitters have cancelled due to crashing in the snowy conditions. We will have to cancel the property photographer who was due Monday morning until this has been done.

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