Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shetland Dream

Our dream of moving to Shetland started well over two years ago after planning yet another trip to the far north. Diane and I had already been visiting Shetland on a regular basis since 1987, so we know some of the benefits and disadvantages of moving to this northerly location in the UK.

I dreamed of visiting Shetland back in 1979 when I was with a group of friends touring the west coast of Scotland. We all talked about were we wanted to visit and having just read Bobby Tullock's books I was keen to explore these remote islands. They were the last wilderness of the British isles and having been interested in wildlife and photography since an early age they seemed the best place to visit to see and photograph a vast array of birds and sea mammals.

Then having met Diane we got married and money was short so we could only visited Scotland, although always keeping an eye on Shetland before taking the leap to make our first visit in May 1987. Then the St Clair only traveled up twice a week, it was a great experience and we were hooked. Now of course Shetland has a daily ferry and air service

                                                                        St Clair

So back to 2013, a new year and a new start.We had already contacted the estate agents and they had been and conducted the energy survey and completed the floor plan in late December. We had decided to go with Blundels, having previously used them twice before. With some houses in our areas remaining unsold for over a year Blundels had the best record for selling, although very expensive. As we need to complete some work on our house we have arranged for the photographer to come mid January, the sale board will be up soon after.

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