Monday, 7 January 2013

We have many reasons for wanting to move to Shetland, some of these include having wide open spaces, being near the sea and far less people. During christmas over 150,000 people visited Meadowhall in Sheffield in one day, that's about 7 x more than the whole of the Shetland population.

Meadowhall is not one of our favourite places, if we have to go we aim for the shop and are straight in and out, unlike alot of people who go for the day. In Shetland the Toll clock shopping centre is a mini version which is more manageable and still has free parking.

While Shetland hasn't got a wide variety of shops it becomes more pleasurable walking around Lerwick the capital, as you can see above on a busy Saturday. Alot of the shops in Lerwick have Shetland made products which reinforces the local identity and are very popular with locals and tourists alike.

We have just had quotes back from solicitors who will deal with our house sale in Sheffield, with three hundred pound differences between the three. With Scottish law being different in that once a bid is accepted it is binding, we will have to go into rented accommodation and hope to buy a house in Shetland as soon as possible after our sale. Rather than putting a bid in for another house which is tied up with the sale of ours in England, we could be left with buying a house in Shetland before we have sold our current house.

Our estate agents, Blundels have been too quick off the mark. We had said that we wanted to do a few minor things to the house before having the photographer and the sale board go up. However the photographer contacted us in December wanting to come round and today we has to stop someone putting the for sale board up. Its never that straight forward and wires always get crossed.

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