Thursday, 14 March 2013

BBC drama on Shetland

Well last weekend saw the above programme drama on Shetland, and while I thought the plot was slow and showed many inaccuracies i hope at least some of the points came over. It was a shame that more Shetland ascents were not used, but Shetland does have a large number of people speaking in other Scottish dialects. Also I was disappointed that as it was set in January, that the weather was not more stormy. As the main detective went back and forth over to Bressay, stood out on the back of the ferry, would he have done this on a true January day?

The filming possibly took place in July when filming could be done for 11 hours not the 3-4 hours actually present on a January day, and when generally the weather is drier.

For anyone knowing Shetland some of the locations used were not accurate, but never the less it did show off some of the spectacular scenery found in the isles.

Also it did highlight the 'Shetland Bus' story, which I am sure would not really be known outside Shetland. The brave Norwegian fishermen going back and forth bringing people from occupied Norway to Shetland and taking supplies etc back over during the winter months.
                                                                                                          Lunna House
                                                                                                     Flemington House (Kergord)

The original location for the Shetland bus headquarters was up at Lunna House, later moving to Flemington
( Kergord) and finally ending up on the east coast at Dinapore house in Scalloway.
                                                                                                    Dinapore House , Scalloway

 Many local people still have strong memories of the conflict and a few years ago a memorial was erected in Scalloway for the 44 crew members who died. The new museum in Scalloway is the best place to find out about the Shetland Bus and of course you can read Peter Howarth's book on the story, he was part of the Royal Navy who organised the 198 trips to Norway bringing back 373 refugees and sending out 193 Agents the other way.

Don't think they will have used this Shetland bus stop in Baltasound, Unst

As regards our move, not much happened recently, had another two couples viewing the house, but still no offers. It's a waiting game.

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