Friday, 1 March 2013

I see that the BBC drama on Shetland has been programmed for the 10 & 11 March at 9 pm, so please keep an eye out for this.

Shetland like so many places is undergoing massive cuts, with the library just announcing cuts to hours and purchases of books. I have used this facility many times when we have visited on holiday, as they have an excellent collection of Shetland books and a superb computer suite which I use to keep up to-date with things in Sheffield.  In Sheffield  up to 14 out of 27 libraries are set to close, and 1/2 the mobile libraries will go.

                                                                                              Sheffield central library

When we move up to Shetland this will be very important to us as I cannot see a rented accommodation having internet access. So is it a good time for us to move to Shetland? the answer is still a definite YES.

Massive cuts are happening everywhere, prices are going up, but what Shetland has far outweighs the negatives. The wildlife, land & seascapes, the sky and the numerous photo opportunities are all FREE so bring them on.
                                                                                                         Sumburgh Head

This all depends on our house selling  and so far , although a month on the market , we have had no bids. We didn't think it would sell quickly, with most taking around  year to sell, we just need that one person to say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When this happens we will get the fireworks out to celebrate

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