Thursday, 15 August 2013

New agents

Well this week has been dominated by our new paintwork job, which was completed in one day and has certainly brightened the hall and landing. Need sunglasses to cope with it. Also we have had Hunters estate agents to give us a valuation, a new description, and how they will sell the house, and also what there costs are.It will also be interesting to see what interest they can generate.

Moving to Shetland may end up being in the middle of winter, not what we expected. The journey up from Aberdeen would be interesting, thinking back to last year when the ferry didn't run for several days and Tesco even had to arrange for a Hercules transporter to bring the Christmas food to Shetland. The housing market is virtually non existent at this time so it would mean a longer stay in rented accommodation , which is dearer. Another option would be to rent down in Sheffield and move up say in Spring, but for me this is less likely as we want to start our Shetland experience asap.
                                                                                             Lerwick town centre

People say the winters are long, constant dark days with only a few hours daylight. It can be similar here in Sheffield although with the light pollution it is never very dark . The bright lights of Meadowhall we can do without but the night skies of Shetland we look forward to seeing, as there is always a chance of an aurora, and the stars are alot more evident.

Add to this the superb sunsets and you can see the attraction


We are starting to dream again, but something has to happen down here, we must have someone to buy or house. Two houses that were taken off the market, close by, are now back on with different estate agents, they are playing our game !

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