Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Notable events

While we are waiting to move to Shetland we have had some notable events recently. In June we joined our friends, Christine & Keith for their 25th wedding anniversary.  In July, we celebrated our 30th Wedding anniversary.

Earlier this month we managed to get down to Shrewsbury to visit family, which we only see occasionally, family that was originally living in and around Sheffield. Then on Monday we had the pleasure in joining in the celebrations on the 50th wedding anniversary of our good friends Wendy and John Linton Smith at the Fulwood Inn. I have alot to thank John for, having be inspired by his wildlife photography and both of us joined his wildlife adult education class back in the early 1980's. Since then we have shared alot of other interests and I know for one that they don't want us to move to Shetland.
Another thing is that Diane sings in the Church choir with Wendy and they cannot afford to loose anyone else.

We all set targets to achieve certain things, our was to move to Shetland by autumn, that doesn't seem to be on the cards, but we will just have to be content with what we have for now, hoping the the move comes off soon.

Around us another house has come on the market but is £25,000 dearer than ours, while none of the others have sold. Its generally a quite time until the kids go back to school in early September. Diane is keen to break away from our current doctors as they always seem to be sending her for tests of some sort and never giving the results. We are sure that when we move that this wont happen, we have had some good reports of the doctor at Levenswick, one we hope to register with.
                                                                     Levenswick beach

As for the dentist it appears that it is a 5 year waiting list to join the NHS practice in Lerwick. Emergency treatment is available if you go and wait. With our current Dentist insisting that you visit every six months it will be interesting to see how long it is till we have to go for treatment. Its no wonder that our current dentist can afford a villa in the Bahamas, runs a vintage car along with a Range Rover and a Jaguar with the amount of money he receives. If you work it out , his earnings amount to over £1000 per day even if he did just check ups. Now that's the career you would want to get into, with a never ending supply of guinea pigs, sorry i mean people.

We are missing some good things in Shetland , especially the music. Our friend Maurice, pictured here with Diane is keen to get the Ness accordion and fiddle group started for the coming year. Maurice is a very talented musician. Shetland has many very young talented musicians, wish I could play an instrument !

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