Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rip Off !

Just plodding on with no one coming to see our house this week. Looking round the area,  one has been taken off the market just up the road, while one down the road has just gone back on the market after 6 weeks off. Don't know whether its because they have had some work done on the property.

On Wednesday we are due to have our hall way and landing painted, just to freshen things up , this should be completed in one day. As it stands its a good time to do things as most people with children have gone away, being the beginning of the school holidays.

I was photographing a wedding yesterday and got talking about houses. The groom had just sold his house, which had been up for sale for two years, He accepted a bid that was £30,000 less than the asking price and the buyer demanded that he left all the furniture and TV's etc in the house otherwise he would back out. Blackmail I think !!!

He had moved into his wives house and didn't need the furniture really , but that's not the point. Its not the first house we have heard that has had to take such a drop. We are still considering moving to another estate agents and will give our current one a few more weeks.

Looks like Shetland has finally come out of the fog to produce some great sunsets.Here is one I took a few years ago at the Wind House on Yell. Now that's got me thinking, that has been empty for some years - is it because of the ghosts ?

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