Friday, 11 October 2013

Changing Times.

It now feels more like winter has come, the rain falling, foggy and cold days arrive in force. But even though Shetland is considered to have a harsh climate it is often has better weather than down in England, check out last winter for instance. We do have compensations, the leaves on the trees have just started turning, it seems to get later each year, at one time September was thought to be the best month but now November has the better colours. I think this is going to be one of the things I will miss.

Everyone who has been on the Autumn colours photography course I run, always goes away loving trees

This week we tried to move things on a bit , as we reduced the price of out house having had no viewings for three weeks. Now we have three couples coming to view tomorrow, we keep our fingers crossed. If things happen then we would be looking at a move around Christmas.

With the Power companies increasing fuel costs again it makes you wonder how many more people will not be able to afford to have the heating on this winter. Its only going to get worse !

Another reason to get out of a large city such as Sheffield is the crime, new figures have just been published for the April - August period in South Yorkshire which has had 2523 burglaries and 5054 vehicle crimes and its getting worse. Also Fire arms were used 30 times over a year in one area of Sheffield. Most of this drug related.

Tickets are going well for my talk on `Shetland' on the 26 October in Sheffield, over 30 sold and more hopefully this weekend. All proceeds to St Augustine Church. The Power point presentation has been finished and will include many images from this years visit.
                                                                    Shetland has the best `White House'

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