Friday, 4 October 2013

Island Travel

Did you see the Grand tour of Scotland programme on BBC Scotland the other week it featured Foula and Fair Isle, neither have we been to.We did try once but as Foula was fog bound we never made the trip. On one occasion we talked to a couple who had been to Foula the previous year and had set off from Tingwall on a small plane, how ever as the day progressed the fog came in and the plane was unable to land. At the same time the sea was rough and they couldn't even get the boat in either, so for three days they were stranded on the island and missed the ferry home !

                                                           Ferry to Fair Isle anyone- must have good sea legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living on an island, well small island is totally governed by the weather what ever the time of year. Looking back to last Christmas the ferry couldn't get into Lerwick for several days so Tesco hired a Hercules transporter and flew food in time for Christmas, that's what I call service.

We all complain about the weather but normally living on mainland Britain its not that much of an inconvenience unless it snows heavy, then for the odd day we may be without our cars. Island life is not straight forward, with power cuts sometimes for days, gale force winds to knock you off your feet, horizontal rain it is going to be completely different but that's what we are looking forward to. Yet the good things about Shetland far out weigh the bad points.

The people are very friendly and we have already struck up friendships with a few people, we look forward to hearing alot of live music, which we love, yes the dark nights as well as we want to see the Aurora and photograph the night sky. That's not forgetting the superb scenery, the sunrise and sunsets, the tremendous wildlife, peace and quite, great tasty food and fresh air to fall asleep to, and much more.

Talking about food, well done to Frankie's fish and chip shop at Brae they won the best chip shop in Scotland the other day

All we have to do is sell our house, you would think that someone would buy it, but for the last two weeks we have had no viewers and are feeling a bit frustrated, but we just get on with life as it is now and dream about the day it all happens , when ever that is. It must be the same for others in the same boat, none of the other houses in our area have sold as well during recent weeks and one house has been up for sale for the same period as ours. Anyone know a buyer please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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