Saturday, 19 October 2013

Changing times

Having now reduced our price by another £5000 we have had 4 more couples round, but the same old problem still crops up, the small garden.. That's one of the reasons we reduced the price yet again. Another one said they would have to replace the carpets to something they liked.

Today, the younger ones don't seem to grasp that they can do what ever they like once they have bought the house, they expect everything perfect, without doing anything to it. We Diane and I got married we had to save for every thing, having second hand things and other handouts from family and friends got us through some difficult times, even had the killer 15% interest rates to cope with. How times have changed !

The weather has taken a turn for the worse with rain most of the week and strong winds. We have talked about when the move will happen and we are agreed that any time of year would be good as we are getting a bit frustrated with the viewers, Of course winter is always going to be the worse time with the weather a major factor, but we would cope with this.

Had a problem with the starter motor on the Citeron this week and twice had to bump start it. Good job Sheffield is hilly. The AA managed to get us to a garage but we were ripped off when they said it was something else, despite me saying it was the starter motor, and yes it broke down again a day later. This time we managed to get it to a reliable garage which we have used before and got a new starter motor.The first garage didn't know what to say when i returned but they wouldn't give me any money back even after heated words , certainly wont be recommending them to any one.

Would have considered this when we moved to Shetland, a great little hut at Grutness, a great spot. Now this has been demolished- very sad.

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