Sunday, 7 December 2014

Good & Bad news

Good news this week as Shetland was voted the best place to live in Scotland having the best quality of life, employment, school performance. We always knew this as it was one of the reasons we moved to Shetland. Also according to Police reports Shetland has the best crime rate detection in Scotland, although crime in general is very low especially outside Lerwick.
                                                                                        Shetland - best place to live in Scotland

Its been a week of reminders about Sheffield. It started a few days ago when we had pie for tea, we always like to have this with Henderson Relish, made in Sheffield. Supplies are running critically low, with one half bottle left. If you have never tasted this then you are missing out, however you will not usually find it outside Sheffield where it is made in a small factory. The company is now over 100 years old and is a big part of the Sheffield Heritage. I always remember that at a football match about 20 years ago I was talking to someone who lived in Leicester and came to see the Owls every now and again, but on every visit he stocked up on Henderson Relish, this time he had a ruck sack full, some 30 bottles that how good it that.

On  Skype we were catching up with Ron and Mavis good friends from Sheffield who reminded us that the very last meeting of the Woodhouse Wildlife Group met on Monday. Diane & I formed this group back in 1987 together with Ron and Mavis, many thought that it wouldn't last but due to the dedicated members it continued to run Feb - May then Sept to December each year. The attendance was always consistently high, a lot better than some larger wildlife groups in Sheffield. A sad day for that attended and gave talks.

The last bit of news came to us a few days ago when we found out that our old house in Sheffield had been sold in a month, it took us 18 months. The people that bought our house had to go back to India due to family reasons.

Earlier in the week I took the car in for the MOT and it failed. It would work out that the repairs needed to pass the MOT would be in excess of £1600 and other things could easily go soon resulting in more expenditure. The decision was hard but we decided to sell the car as it was and raid the piggy bank to pay for a new car. We thought of a diesel Kia Rio but it would be early January 2015 before they could deliver one so we went for a petrol model which should be around 2 weeks away and the garage would lend us a car in the meantime. Could have done without this cost what with buying the house and all the changes we have made.

Also in Sandwick, John Wishart used a metal detector to find the following items down at Broonies Taing, just down the road and a place where we stayed on holiday for many years with Beryl and Maurice Smith

(John Sorby was the brother of Thomas and hence uncle of Robert. He too was engaged in the manufacture of edge tools, joiners tools, saws, sheep shears, files in Sheffield and followed the family tradition by being appointed Master Cutler in 1806. After his retirement his two sons, John and Henry, continued the business and started to use the trade mark "I & H Sorby".)  Photo John Wishart

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