Saturday, 20 December 2014

Snow arrives

Snow arrived last Saturday, a thin white covering along the road and fields. It was cold but not a cold as down in England where they also had gales. Here it was still, very still after a week of gales.

Snow usually doesn't stay long in Shetland, with the salt and the gulf stream creating mild conditions. With the gritters working only during the week it becomes essential for all weather tyres on the car, but only having a hire car without these tyres we decided not to go out to the Ness fiddle and Accordion concert over the hill at Bigton. It was disappointing as we had been going to the practice sessions at Levenwick and had really enjoyed the performances.

On Monday, we picked our new car up (with all weather tyres) and look forward to driving the Kia Rio. The one we hired proved a good drive, although this will be the first time for years we have had a petrol one. At present Petrol is £1.19 about 7p dearer than the mainland.

Also on Monday the snow returned covering the main roads and it was odd to have thunder and lightening at the same time. Some stupid drivers who decided to overtake at 60 mph + on icy roads, on a bend with on coming traffic, seem to be racing each other as well.

My tooth broke at the weekend, so i phone up to see able emergency treatment as i was not sure what qualified up here. Although in pain apparently it was not severe enough to have treatment and as we were not registered they asked us to come down. We completed all the details and they said they would contact us in about 5.5 years, might not have any teeth left at that time !!!

It was amusing to see the vending machine which usually sells chocolate and crisps actually selling toothpaste- well what else would you expect to see except books on `Patience'

                                                           All photos taken in Sandwick looking south.

Diane has been practicing a number of Christmas tunes on the keyboard

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