Monday, 1 December 2014

Winter arrives in Shetland

I have said before that the food in Shetland is far tastier than when we were back in Sheffield, no doubt this is down to getting local fresh produce. At the weekend we had Lamb from Mousa, potatoes from Quendale and a local cabbage all no more than 5 miles away.

When the lamb went in the oven, Furbie our cat decided to stand guard, i am sure the he thinks this his is TV and the meows start coming thick and fast the more it cooked.

When it was finally cooked it was a bombardment of meows and other calls until he was served first, then it was a rush to get ours before he came to beg for more.

On Sunday the weather was Ok so we went up to Lerwick to see the winter festival which was well attended. It started at 1 pm in Harrison Square where the Shetland Fiddlers started the entertainment and around 3.30 the procession of Father Christmas, his helpers, the Jarl Squad and the brass band ended up at the Christmas tree to turn the lights on..

The tree is donated by the Norwegians every year but this is the first time it has been put up in Harrison square, at least it is in a sheltered spot.

We enjoyed the afternoon and are looking forward to next months Up Helly Aa in Lerwick, this will be our first live one having watched the last few on the web stream.

Great news this week for Sandwick, as the Carnegie Hall won a Lottery Grant for £47,946 which will be used to replace the kitchen, They were up against a project in Aberdeen with 212,125  people who could have voted.  It just shows the power of the 900 or so people in Sandwick that voted by telephone.

                                                                              Diane watches the prosession

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