Sunday, 31 May 2015

First visit

This week has been very mixed weather , even snow on Friday up on Yell and in the north mainland. On other days, showers some with hail, but also long periods of sun. The weather next week promises a heatwave for June, but we will have to see whether this extends to Shetland.

Lerwick has had its share of interesting ships, which should increase in number as the summer progresses. The Dim Riv has yet to make an appearance but this normally coincides with the tourist season.

News came out that the proposed wind farms for Yell and Unst may now not take place as the government is with drawing subsidies. This may also have an affect on the large wind farm - 103 turbines for the north mainland, and also whether funds are going to be in place for the interconnector. If the SNP had its way they would still go ahead, personally I think this would be a mistake as it would affect the tourist trade. Only a few people think that it would actually be a tourist attraction.

It would ruin the last wilderness in the UK if it did go ahead, wave power should be developed and it would be less intrusive.

The music scene is in full swing with plenty of places to go and see live music. The other night we just managed to get in St Columba Church to see the North Ness Boys. There was standing room only as the boys launched their new CD. Their first CD sold over 4,000 copies apparently the largest number from any one band in Shetland. The Shetland Showcase starts up at Islesburgh a week on Monday and we already have season tickets for all 12 concerts.

Diane's sister and Husband will be visiting us on Thursday for a short break and we have been lucky to manage to find three days of music. we hope for dry weather to be able to show them around a few of Shetland's many attractions.

Its been good to hear that Da Voar Redd Up has been a great success and that many beaches have been cleaned up. The waves have certainly brought a lot of rubbish onto our coastline this winter and this could be harmful to the wildlife.

This is a good time of year to visit Shetland as there are many Teas and Home bakes to go to. We helped out at Cunningsburgh last week when the RVS help a fund raising event. There are some tremendous bakers here who turn out hundreds of cakes each year- not that we eat all of them

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