Sunday, 17 May 2015

Shetland Bus Anniversary

This weekend has been very busy in Scalloway with the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2. The focus has been on the Shetland bus and the close links with Norway. On Saturday the weekend started with the Shetland Bus film followed by the Grand Variety Concert in the Public Hall.

Taking part was the Lerwick Brass band, Scalloway rainbows and Recorder Group, Hazel Jamieson with some great poetry and the brilliant Maggie and Brian. Following the supper Rhea Isbister, Davy Cooper, Merron Bleakley, Claire White, Lisa Ward and finally a superb choir from Norway the Sund Blande Choir, this 4.25 hour concert was great value and was supported by any Norwegians that made the trip over.

On Sunday we only made the service at the Shetland bus memorial where around 60 people gathered for wreath laying by a number of locals and Norwegians, followed by singing from the choir again. Lots of Norwegian visitors gathered as well wearing flags.

Many Norwegians escaped to Shetland from Norway on fishing boats during WW2. Then some returned with agents and arms to supply the resistance movement. Many of the Shetland Bus folk lost their lives in the fight.

Most of the trips by fishing boats was undertaken in winter during the dark nights when German aircraft were less likely to be about, despite this 44 people died making these journies.

                                                    Dinapore house HQ for the Shetland Bus in Scalloway

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  1. the Shetland Bus the nickname for the boat trips too and from Norway?