Saturday, 2 May 2015

Interesting ships around Shetland

There has been some interesting ships in Shetland over the last week

                                                            Above a German navy vessel at Sandwick, present three days

                                                                                     Another Pipe laying ship this time in Lerwick

                                                             The largest pipe laying ship in the world, just off Mail in south mainland

                                          We do get some excellent looking ships in Lerwick the above a training ship from Norway

                                                                                 A 1950's Danish ship passing Mousa

                                                     Boats are used for roofing as well and can be seen in many places around Shetland

                                         One of my favourite ships next to the museum in Lerwick, undergoing restoration
Snow in Sandwick at the end of April it even snowed in the north mainland on the 1 May. After this the weather improved and we have had some excellent, sunny days.

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  1. Some great ships up there...reminds me of my young days watching Kircudbright harbour, watching the tanker come in and out, one day taking a big chunk out of the harbour wall