Sunday, 24 May 2015


The sheep are back in the field next to our house and we always enjoy seeing them, this time a few lambs are also present. While not as pleasant as Shetland sheep the Suffolk sheep are more robust and therefore able to have lambs earlier than the local breed.

                                                                                           Shetland sheep

Over the last couple of weeks many little Shetland lambs have been born and form little groups jumping around on spring like feet. Most Shetland sheep have two lambs but occasionally they also adopt lambs that have been rejected by their mother.

Its a very busy time for the crofters who are up daybreak around 4.30 am  to ensure  there are no problems lambing, going to bed late just in case. This year we have seen a few lambs with orange plastic coats for protection from the weather not cars.

We have booked our trip back to Sheffield later in the year although we get discount it is very costly for people coming here on holiday, especially if its for a short break. Recently the Folk festival took place and many visitors arrived from France, Germany, Norway and Ireland to name a few.

The Intermediate Digital Photography course i am running for Shetland Adult Education is nearly coming to an end and has been very enjoyable with people coming from all over the mainland. Everyone seems very enthusiastic which is always good, we will have covered 6 subjects in depth with another 6 planned for later in the year. I really do get a lot of satisfaction in delivering these courses long may they continue.

                                                                            Other ships in Lerwick this week

Please let me know if you are interested in joining from September already i have had a lot of interest in both the beginners and intermediate classes

In recent days we have been to celebrate the VE anniversary in Scalloway taking in both the Concert and a service at the Shetland Bus memorial. After a recent visit by a German navel ship it has been the turn of the Royal Navy when on Thursday a minesweeper arrived in Lerwick for a 5 day stay

At the Royal Voluntary Service lunch club I arranged a visit from the students at the local high school to come and discuss WW2 experiences with the old folk, who had some really interesting stories to tell.

Despite some cool wet weather there have already been some great sunsets, the following taken from the top of Scousborough Hill where you ca get superb views over St Ninian's Isle

It is now not going dark until around 11 pm which is great news, but you need extra stamina at this time of year to keep going.

We are looking forward to a visit from  Diane's sister Wendy and husband David who will be coming to Shetland for the first time, hope they enjoy the visit and we have some good weather to take them round various sites in Shetland.

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