Tuesday, 21 July 2015


On Thursday  last week we went over to the music at Asta, it was packed. As always teas and homebakes came out at  9pm, as it was nice everyone enjoyed the food outside in the late evening sun.


While people talked and ate we couldn't help but hear about someone complaining that they had been in a long traffic jam and had been held up a full 1.5 minutes. The joys of driving in Shetland.  But on the downside, as we drove back to Sandwick a car past us going well over 100 mph, just managing to avoid a van coming the opposite way and continuing to overtake other cars before disappearing over the hill at Sandwick. What a plonker!, he could have easily involved other cars in a bad accident.

Normally we can drive for miles in 5th gear without seeing another car. Entering Lerwick everyone slows down to 40-30 then 20 around the school as much to wave at the lollipop guy that must have it built into his contract that he must wave to every car or van coming down the hill in the morning. This is not the case though, he does it because he is being friendly. The same can be said for most drivers who acknowledge other drivers and even pedestrians. We could never say that of Sheffield.

We had two days of good still weather so we started to paint the house with help from our neighbour who helped with the higher parts of the bungalow. During this time we managed to paint both high ends and one lower part. At the same time discovering that we need to replace some of the wooden ends, although trying to get someone to some and look is a major problem. The paint , Butinox is not cheap at £120 per tin (10 Litres) but it is tried and tested and in harsh weather conditions lasts about 5 years- try Frank Williamson in Lerwick. Late on Friday it started to rain and the fog closed in so Saturday was out for any further painting

                                                                                                        Piglets at Swinster

The football season is drawing close and Sheffield Wednesday have already signed 8 players, with the new owners apparently loaded, money seems no object. However they had upset many fans by increasing match day prices , now up to £46 for the KOP on category A matches. We will be going to a match when we visit Sheffield in a few months, the first since March 2014. It will be interesting to see the new pitch and score board as well as a new team.

Its been very busy at work but helping the old folk is very rewarding and it was good to see them enjoying an old Shetland film from the 1970's after their lunch.

Memories such as photos are such important things, if our house was burning downing, I think i would try and get my external 2 TB hard drive containing thousands of great memories, other things can be replaced.

                                                                                        Sanderling south mainland

We have just had a couple of reminders that it is coming up to a year since we moved into our home, first the renewal of the TV licence then the home insurance, which proved very difficult last year as very few people would insure a wooden house. Thankfully Tower gate insurance seems to have been a good choice with other home insurers charging about £150 more for the same cover. You could try Admiral as well.

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  1. The pale sanderling glow white from a distance in a lowering sun....

    Wondering what cycling around the place is like!