Monday, 13 July 2015

Many thanks Folks

Many, many thanks to all who view this blog, this week i found out that i had reached over 10,000 views on this blog. I do hope that this blog has been some help to anyone moving or has an interest in Shetland - please let me know.

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Have you ever checked your on line presence ? you may find out something interesting even though you might not be on a website, have a blog, face-book or twitter account or something similar.Checking the web we found this

1251 Lago Vista Drive    
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Beverly Hills   90210

Owner - Me & the wife

Value $7,071,986

Built: 1948

                                                                           Looking out to Mousa

I know we are more than content with our life in Shetland so we wont be moving or doing a weekend visit to Beverly Hills. Our surname isn't that common , most ending in so I was very interesting in the above link

The weather is always the talking point in Shetland, no weather forecast can seem to get it  right. Yesterday was on of those days `Between the weather', glorious sun from about 11- 8.30 and the hottest day of the year about 20 degrees. But later very thick fog which appeared in an hour, so thick we had problems seeing next doors house.

The day before wet and windy, the same the day after.

This week we have had a couple of large cruise ships in Lerwick. 

The usual procession of hired coaches transporting visitors south. I could just imagine the tour guide- looking left you could see Mousa if the fog wasn't so thick, later on - now we will stop for a short time so you can walk along the beach- make sure you take your waterproof clothing and thermals.

Its only July, still time for the summer to arrive, in fact its the wettest year in living memory. Last year we arrived in April and it was still dry and sunny into October- the best summer in living memory. So next year or even tomorrow who knows we take it as comes.

In the meantime we are still waiting for a dry period to paint our house. The condition is not that bad but they always say these wooden houses need painting every 5 years and we are not sure when it was last painted.

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