Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer - well one day of it !

Well we had summer on  Thursday when temperatures went up to 18 degrees, very respectable in Shetland. As the day wore on the sea fog came in and started to cloak the Scousburgh hill until it disappeared for that night.

During the night thunder and lightening hit Shetland especially down the west side. At least we didn't get the tennis ball  size hail stones that hit north east England which smashed greenhouses and windows and dented many cars.

With the nice weather came a spot of gardening, grass cutting to start with now we have a new lawnmower - the last one the engine burnt out. This was followed by building a rockery and then a bit if weeding in our vegetable patch. Its the biggest garden we have ever had, the last two just postage stamp size.

A few days on and the daisies have reappeared, they are very prolific in Shetland and fields of Daisies often look like areas of snow. The same can be said about dandelions, it doesn't really matter whether you clear your garden as many seed heads can be blown in from other areas.

Shetland is perhaps the only place where council grass cutters actual cuts round flowers, these are special flowers - Northern Marsh Orchids. These seem super abundant if a little late and can be found growing around Tesco or the power station or equally in road side verges, this makes the journey to work a pleasure.

Shetland ponies can be seen in most places and often close to the road. In the south mainland these are fenced in for safety reasons but in Unst they roam about freely, once blocking the road from the ferry and didn't move for a good 10 mins

We went to the Mareel this week to see our first film, and we came out very impressed with the theatre. We can remember when they had films in a cinema on Harbour Road in a small building, perhaps a few nights a week. Now they had both 2D and 3D films, both very popular.

News has just come out that the council will have to spend £1.7million on repairs to the Town Hall stain-glass windows and walls. I do like the stain glass here as it depicts the history of how Shetland was handed over from Norway to Scotland. A worth while trip for anyone, access is normally straightforward. If possible try to get onto the roof of the Town hall the views are amazing.

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  1. What's up with that chubby pony snarling (or laughing?) at the camera?